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About Htaccess Redirect Generator

Our free Htaccess Redirect Generator is an excellent tool for creating a responsive redirect in the .htaccess file, which is the most effective method for redirecting visitors. There will be no interruption when users are redirected in this manner since the server will first check for the file before providing a page to the web browser. If the server is successful in retrieving the file, visitors will be sent to the redirected page. Htaccess is a file that is used to indicate how the search engine robots should de-index / index the various sections (signup, sitemap, login pages) of the site.

Fundamentally, the Htaccess file is used to prohibit or enable access to the listed directories of a site by search engine robots, and it is required by search engine standards. Every website owner uses the htaccess file to instruct search engine robots on how to index specific pages. We write particular codes for crawlers and send instructions to un-crawl mentioned folders in the htaccess file, much like we do with admin files and other database files.